What do Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Adele and Nicki Minaj all have in common? They love wearing wigs. etc’s Georga Spottiswood talks to a celebrity hairdresser who says they’re the latest fashion accessory
Pictures by Scott Spock Photography

If there’s one fashion accessory women should have, it’s a wig.
That’s according to celebrity hair stylist Neville Ramsay, who has seen sales of hair pieces sore in recent months.
“Forget Jimmy Choos and Gucci handbags, the wig is the new must-have fashion accessory,” he tells me when I pay a visit to his wig room situated in Dembry & Macey hair salon in Sunderland.
Inside, every different style adorns the mannequin heads that are dotted around the room. Many of the hairdresser’s clients come to his VIP wig room because they have lost their hair from alopecia or chemotherapy.
But wig expert Neville says women are now “pushing the boundaries” and using wigs to enhance their natural hair.
He said: “I’ve definitely seen a big increase in women wanting to reinvent themselves using wigs. I have clients from London, Glasgow, Portugal, all over the place who come to me for wigs. I’ve even got a very famous celebrity client, but I’ve had to sign a confidentiality agreement so I can’t let on who it is!” Asked why he thought wigs, made popular in the ’60s, have made a come-back, Neville said: “It’s all down to celebrity culture. Adele, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj have all spoken out about their wigs.
“They’re all proud to wear them. It’s in-your-face high fashion, you can look fantastic and there’s a wig for every occasion.”
Adele famously announced on US TV that she names her wigs “This is June … This is Jackie …” she told the interviewer and according to a US magazine report, Beyoncé has more than $1m worth of wigs.
Neville, 47, added: “Women want more. They get bored of their office bob and want to transform their look into something with more edge. Wigs can be great for thickening hair, too, and creating more length.”
The hairdresser, from Sunderland, is the former owner of Ramsay and Johnson, which is now called Dembry and Macey after it was bought by Neville’s colleague, Ashley Dembry.
But he still runs his wig room from the salon, and only uses monofilament-base wigs.
“They’re the best. They don’t look cheap and nasty and the monofilament base creates the effect of hair growing out the scalp,” said Neville, who orders the wigs from London and works with clients on the cut and colour they want.
He added: “Wigs are a quick way of adopting a high fashion trend and are less damaging than hair extensions. They’re not cheap, but why have a Mini when you can have a Porsche?
“Plus, they save so much time on blow drying, straightening and curling.”

Neville’s wigs start from £300 to £1,000. For a free consultation call 0191 567 4977.


Neville’s futuristic photo shoot

“I love letting my creative juices flow.”
Neville Ramsay has gone all futuristic for etc’s wig fashion photo shoot.
We asked the wig specialist to do an exclusive shoot for us, and these amazing shots are what he produced.
He said: “I’m renowned for my commercial work and I love turning my hand to anything like this.”
Photographs: Scott Spock Photography
and Korinne Willmott.
Make-up: Vicky Johnson.

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